About 网赌最好最大平台

About 网赌最好最大平台

Kentucky Christian University is a private, non-profit Christian university located in the beautiful foothills of Eastern Kentucky. For over a century, 网赌最好最大平台 has been transforming the hearts and minds of students through a Christ-Centered academic community that is both academically rigorous and intimately personal. We are committed to providing students with an authentic Christian education that engages students in a transformative educational experience that equips them as effective Christian professionals providing servant leadership for the church and society. We are convinced that ministry is the responsibility of all Christ-followers and have therefore intentionally integrated faith and education in such a way that allows each of our students to find their purpose in Christ.

Kentucky Christian University is incorporated as a non-profit educational institution by the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

 Our Mission:

The mission of Kentucky Christian University is to engage students in a transformative educational experience that equips them as effective Christian professionals providing servant leadership for the church and society.

Our Vision:

Kentucky Christian University will be a growing, dynamic learning environment featuring premier academic and co-curricular programs provided by exemplary Christian mentors.

Our Core Values


We believe Christ is the ultimate Source and Example in providing definitive standards for the Church, education, social, moral, and ethical behaviors. All programs of the University must encourage students and personnel of 网赌最好最大平台 to come to know Christ more fully.


We believe to best attain one’s personal and professional goals, each individual must be known as a motivated person with integrity and compassion. To this end, all programs of 网赌最好最大平台 must intentionally develop the whole person.


We believe preparation for and success in a career is best accomplished if goals are clarified and leadership is defined by the way in which one serves Christ and the community. In this regard, students must learn to determine how they are best called to become change agents in their world.

Our Purpose

Therefore, the Bible, which is regarded as the revealed Word of God and the final authority in all matters pertaining to life and faith, is exalted as the foundation of every curricular program. The pursuit of scholarship at Kentucky Christian University is distinguished by the conviction that to be truly educated one must have the capacity to make responsible moral decisions, be committed to serving the needs of others, and be recognized as a skilled contributor to one’s profession. Such a distinction requires that students be exposed to the moral and spiritual principles taught in the Bible and that they are able to think ethically as well as logically, analytically, and critically.

The Board of Trustees, administration, faculty, and staff of the University are committed to the maintenance of an academic community in which Christian character and spiritual values accompany the tasks and opportunities of scholarship. Persuaded that education is a lifetime pursuit, the university provides a foundation of knowledge, skills, and values, which enables its students to:

  1. Enter meaningful and fulfilling professions within the leadership ministry of the Church and/or within the global community, resulting in the opportunity to fulfill the mandates of the Great Commission and to work as a means of self support.
  2. Influence the religious, social, educational, and business communities with the biblical principles and moral character exemplified in the life and teachings of Jesus and His apostles.
  3. Pursue and succeed in the attainment of personal and professional goals, including the completion of advanced academic degrees and/or promotion within their chosen field of endeavor.
  4. Actively be involved in their communities as citizens who are concerned with improving the quality of life for all people groups.
  5. Pursue healthy lifestyles and take appropriate action to promote wellness within their families and throughout their communities.
  6. Build a legacy for the next generation by nurturing those institutions (e.g., the home/family, the Church, the Christian college) which are critical to the establishment and maintenance of biblical values, including moral integrity, ethical principle, and human dignity.
  7. Develop an awareness of the inter-connectedness of nations and peoples and seek out opportunities to promote peace, goodwill, and the enrichment of life within the global village.

Lasting Impact

“I don’t think I can fully put into words the impact that 网赌最好最大平台 had on my life. I received a great education and had a wonderful athletic experience, but I will always be grateful for the relationships I made. Whether it was the lifelong friendships or the mentoring as both a student and employee, the impact of the people from 网赌最好最大平台 is something I will proudly carry with me wherever I go.”

Heather Stacy, Class of 2010

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